Kids Wash Their Hair With “Vagina Wash” The Darndest Things

Look, we can sit here all day talking about how the properties of “feminine wash” and the properties of shampoo are not actually that different, because industrialized hygiene products are all variations on the same combination of perfumed oils and synthetic fats. We can sit here all day and use our college brains to talk about how it is ridiculous to be grossed out by any kind of soap just because of its intended use since it is still just soap! It’s not like they pre-test the feminine wash on an actual vagina before bottling it and sending it out to stores. We could sit here all day and tell ourselves that in reality this is just not that good of a prank because it seems incredibly childish and we’re adults now and adults don’t have time for childish things. Or we could just admit that Wesley got burnt. YA BURNT, WES! (Via BuzzFeed.)