The Kim Zolciak Halloween Costume Is A Joke

Oh, good. Now you, too, can be a melty-faced mentally disabled transvestite swamp monster with a wildly distorted self-image! Boo*!

To be fair, that is terrifying. I’m usually supportive of people who are willing to play along with a joke that makes fun of their public image. It suggests that they don’t take themselves too seriously, and that they have a sense of humor about the construct of fame and the stark difference between a persona and a real person. But I do NOT support THIS! Even when she’s making fun of herself, Kim is the worst. What a terrible person. I’m not saying that I wish anything bad to happen to her, because I don’t wish bad things to happen to anyone. I’m just saying that if I was the type of person who did wish bad things to happen to people, she might make the list! Let there be no confusion: there is no list. Kim is not on a list of people to whom bad things should happen. I hope that she leads a long and fulfilled life in a mansion made out of white wine and negligent parenting. It’s just that if there was a list, which there isn’t, there’s a pretty decent chance she would be on the list, but she’s not.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! ALMOST! (Thanks for the tip, Sydney.)

*Here, the term “boo!” is being used as both the sound that a ghost makes and the sound of sharp disapproval.