Serious Moonlight Looks Like Some Serious Garbage

Serious Moonlight trailer, you guys:

Oh. Oh no! Cheryl Hines directed this? Not our Cheryl Hines, right? A different Cheryl Hines. You don’t know her, she’s from Canada. This looks like a joke. Are we sure this isn’t just a bonus feature from the Funny People DVD? Perhaps this was supposed to be a lead-in to Tropic Thunder but it got lost under a mid-century sofa somewhere. “Whoops, where’s the fake trailer for the fake movie that couldn’t possibly be real, Serious Moonlight?” “It appears that we’ve misplaced it, Mr. Stiller. Shall I search all of Malibu?” “You know, it’s probably for the best.”

Although, I will say that this movie is in the vein of my favorite genre of children’s movies, which is the Parent Trap theme of tricking your divorced parents into getting back together. As if all the children of divorced parents aren’t so glad that their parents are divorced now and not throwing ashtrays at each other anymore. This is like that, and yet we don’t even have the tiny shoulders of darling children on which to hang its impossible and depressing premise. Nope. We’re all adults here, pretending like this is a good idea. Serious UGHlight!