Saturday Night Live: What Up With That?

Gerard Butler is kind of a weird celebrity. I mean, I know why he is famous: he is famous because he is in Hollywood movies. But the biggest thing that he’s made so far was 300, and that was three years ago, and it was awful. Oh, excuse me, I almost forgot about the number one movie in America for a record-setting 1,000 weeks: Gamer. I’m not making fun of Gerard Butler’s career. We should all be so lucky as to star in Hollywood movies about dystopian futures (and dystopian pasts). I’m just saying that he seems more famous than he should, kind of. I guess he’s basically the male Megan Fox. The point is: Gerard Butler hosting Saturday Night Live is a little bit like Barack Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize: an embarrassment he might not have done anything to actually deserve it yet, but here he is, so let’s make the most of it.

Perhaps because Gerard Butler was so hard to place, a lot of the sketches seemed even more random than usual. Like, this Beauty and the Beast sketch? It’s funny, but huh? In the words of Videogum friend Gabe Liedman, “Did it really take 18yrs to think of this? Probz, it’s so perf.”

My favorite moment of the evening was the two gay guys from New Jersey. I’ve really been enjoying the Weekend Update characters this season. Everyone is on their game for these bits, and they never go on too long. You know? IN AND OUT, HEY-OHHH!

And while I’m not Keenan apologist, I will echo the Internet’s crowning of this sketch as one of if not the best of the evening, mostly for its Sudeikis dancing. And also for its Picabo Street.

If nothing else, it gets the somewhat bitter taste of that Kanye short film out of my mouth. It was far too early in the morning for that.