Kanye West Is Just A Broken Down Piece Of Meat

We Were Once a Fairytale, the strange short film that Kanye West made with Spike Jonze, is finally here! For the most part, it depicts a typical night in the life of Kanye West: a boorish, blurry, endless evening in an anonymous night club. “This is my song! I made all the notes!” It’s basically his The Wrestler. His entire life has led up to this one perfect role.

Supposedly, the shoot began as a music video shoot, but then I guess they got too much great footage of Kanye seeming really drunk and belligerent so they decided to turn it into a short film. Cue puppet magic! (That would also explain why the audio is kind of terrible on this thing.) Anyway, it’s after the jump and it is mildly NSFW:


(Thanks for the tip, Ana.)