The Kate Gosselin Halloween Costume Fan Fiction Contest Semi-Finalists

The Kate Gosselin Halloween Costume Fan Fiction Contest ended yesterday with the publication of Dafs’s heartwarming and also somehow chilling (paradox) story about Kate Gosselin’s adventures on the African plains. Please do not forget to read his winning entry.

But Daf’s story was just one of the many stories entered. The response to the contest was genuinely overwhelming, considering that the bar for entry was kind of high, and the payoff kind of low. Don’t get me wrong, a wig that looks like Kate Gosselin’s old haircut (not her sassy [sassy = awful, right?] new Jay Leno haircut) is obviously an incredible prize. The point is: you guys are the best, duh. It seemed inappropriate to only publish one story when there were so many great ones, and some only decent ones. What’s true of pizza is true of Kate Gosselin Fan Fiction: there is no such thing as bad pizza. Pizza is delicious. Kate Gosselin fan fiction can obviously go either way.

ENOUGH ABOUT ME! Please read all of the wonderful Kate Gosselin Alternative Adventures here.