Thursday Night TV Open Thread

30 Rock is back! What a great show. I enjoy watching it with my eyes! Last night’s episode was…very good. Plenty of strong laffs. “Have you ever noticed how people in St. Bart’s eat their lobster like this?” Although sometimes I worry that the show is going to crumble beneath the weight of our collective expectations. It is just one show, we can not put all of our comedy hopes and haha dreams on its thin, anthropomorphized shoulders. Whatever. It can handle it. This show is a machine. Also: poor Josh.

But there were lots of other shows on last night, too! The Office continues to just CRUUUUUSH this season. I think the writers room has switched out the morning meeting bagel basket in favor of having clowns for breakfast. Meanwhile, Community stays very strong. I am enjoying the developing relationship between Donald Glover and Danny Pudi. Then there was the Fred Armisen guest spot on Parks and Recreation. Everyone loves Fred Armisen! And cetra.

Let us discuss this around the metaphorical water cooler after the jump.

“I think Tracy Morgan is going to be hilarious in Q4.”