Shane Lee Believes In Miracles

Is Shane Lee mentally disturbed? Possibly. Is Shane Lee medicated? He might be! At the very least, one can imagine a situation in which Shane Lee requires medication, whether or not he is receiving any. But why does that matter at this point? We live in a weird world now. Deeply troubled individuals have access to all of the tools they need to broadcast their personal fearscapes to the world, and they’re using those tools. A lot. As someone who spends most of their time watching YouTubes of people at their darkest moments, it has become absolutely necessary to determine the line at which laughter at uncomfortable displays of abnormal behavior is allowed, and I think there are two general requirements:

1) the subject (or object?) in question must be of human adult age
2) the subject must have posted the video themselves, with the intent of people seeing it

Also: laughter isn’t mean-spirited! Why am I being such an old man about this? I just feel weird! It’s Eli Porter all over again. We need to struggle with this stuff! But man, Shane Lee: best dude in the game. Another Shane Lee classic after the jump:

You know in the Jay-Z song when Rihanna says the only thing that’s on her mind is who is going to run this town tonight? Shane Lee is going to run this town! (Thanks for the tip, Chuck.)