Tina Fey On The Late Show With David Letterman

You crazy for this one, Fey! (Get it? You get it. Yesterday.) I know that it’s a cliche at this point to watch celebrities give an interview and think that you would be friends with them, because obviously you wouldn’t be friends with them. They’re complete strangers, you know nothing about them. Pat, pre-rehearsed anecdotes do not count as knowing anything about them. And as if anyone is really “being themselves” on a late night talk show, one of the most canned social interactions on the planet. David Letterman keeps his studio negative a thousand degrees! That’s not how you make friends. It all boils down to the deep need for human emotional connection, especially with people that you spend (sometimes) more of your life with in watching their work than you do with your friends and family (yikes, this just took a turn for the :().

But we’d be friends with Tina Fey, right, you guys? All of us! Video Pizza Party at Tina’s house!