We Get It, John Mayer, You’re Rich And Bored

“Who Says” video, you guys:

We get it, John Mayer. We all get it. Music for you at this point is what you do when you’re not partying. And it’s not because there wasn’t a party, or because you weren’t invited to the party. There is definitely a party. You were just there. But music for at this point is what you do in the wee morning hours when you’re no longer partying because the party just ended, right before you go to sleep to rest up for the next day’s partying.

Blue Ribbon. Are you kidding me? “If we just show a scene in a restaurant, how will people know for sure that it is a fancy restaurant?” I did like the nod to the ridiculous drop-in sets John Mayer does at comedy clubs around Manhattan. What I would not give to be at one of those shows! I would not give almost anything!

GoldenFiddle compared this video to an Eric Clapton Michelob commercial, but that’s not fair. Michelob is actually terrible beer for poor people. Just like blues music is terrible music for poor people. Or at least it used to be, before Blues Hammer came in and changed everything. But there’s a certain authenticity even in an Eric Clapton late-’80s Michelob commercial that I think we can all agree is missing here. A certain authenticity and a distinct lack of BLUE RIBBON namedrops and Viktor and Rolf flannel shirts.

Oh, and John Mayer, P.S.: no one is telling you you can’t do whatever you want to do. Obviously. If anyone was telling you that, this video would be a lot better.