Who Should Die On TV?

Yesterday, on NY Mag’s Vulture Blog, it was reported that Alan Ball is planning on killing a character in the third season of True Blood. Vulture then offered a poll to readers of which character they would most like to see killed off: Bill, Tara, or Andy Bellefleur. D) All of the above. FINAL ANSWER. Unless there is a way to bring Eggs back and kill him a second time. But why stop there? There are so many characters on TV that deserve a make believe bullet through their fantasy faces. Who should die on the TV?

Betty Draper on Mad Men?
-Sure, she is a victim of the times, but she’s also kind of a pill. A beautiful, beautiful, heartbreaking pill.

Dan Humphrey on Gossip Girl?
-Seriously, Jigsaw needs to make a stop on the Upper East Side. Dan would love to play a game.

All of the characters on Family Guy?
-Even the dog and the baby? Especially the dog and the baby.

Feel free to nominate your own in the comments. The choice is ours! Kind of! I mean, we can say whatever we want, this is America. Just try to stop us, Communist Hollywood!

UPDATE/CLARIFICATION: Please confine your nominations to FICTIONAL CHARACTERS. There is a time and place for being creeps but this is not it.