Kids Make Incredible, Mildly Depressing Documentaries The Darndest Things

Zachary is the best, and I would not be surprised if he gets a call from Hollywood soon asking him to do all of the soundtracks for everything. Seriously, move over John Williams. Your time has passed. It’s Zachary’s time now.

This video is particularly great, though, because kids rarely have any real conception of what it means to do something when you grow up, much less what the path was that got you there. Even most of us adults grapple with what all that means. It was a lot simpler when the choices were “fireman” and/or “magician.” But, like, “lab technician”? I bet that guy loved getting the question “why did you chose this job?” It’s probably his favorite question.

Keep up the good work, Zachary! You’re a regular Albert and David Maysles. (Thanks for the tip, Aftershock.)