We Should All Be So Lucky As To Find Something In This World That Makes Us Happy, Parts Four-A And Four-B

[Ed. note: due to a Netflix Error, the Hunt is postponed for a week. Boo hoo, I’m sure. We’re all devastated.]

On a day like today, with Couples Retreat making headlines as the number one movie in the country and reminding us that there’s nothing America loves better than Vince Vaughn and Jon Favreau organizing a paid vacation to the Bahamas for themselves, it is hard to remember that there are even things to like in this world. Everything is so hatable! Jon Gosselin is claiming that he’s half-Jewish? Shut up, Jon Gosselin. Shut your mouth. Roland Emmerich is making a movie about Shakespeare? Alas, poor Yorick! He blew his brains out, Horatio. So when you do find something that you like, HOLD ON TO THAT THING. Grip it tight, Of Mice and Men style, and try not to crush it in your soft-brained hands, but hug it and love it and keep it forever.

Today, we have two classic entries in this on-going search for elusive Human Happiness:

Maybe what you love is showing off your collection of NeoGeo games without a shirt on, while the Pet Shop Boys play in the background. Go for it! If you really love a particular game, make a blowjob handsign (?) or grab your nipple. It’s the ’90s!

That guy is amazing. One of the best guys. He loves his games, and he loves dancing. What do you love? Nothing, probably.

But maybe showing off out-dated videogame system game collections with no shirt on and late ’80s britpop playing in the background is not what you love. Perhaps what you love is dressing up like a clown and performing aggro-carnival songs about Luna Bars in your clowncore band. Do it! Don’t let anyone tell you not to do it.

Admittedly, that last one is less of a strange fetish and more of a clever parody of unbearable contemporary music trends, but it’s still funny, and I like to imagine that it is real. I do what I want. You should also! (Both videos via BuzzFeed.)