Sell The Vatican, Feed The World

I am completely on board with this. Because on the one hand, I hate world hunger. HATE IT! I know that’s not a very popular thing to say around here, where everyone is so pro-world hunger it’s ridiculous, you can’t swing a baseball bat without Bear Jewing some pro-world hunger advocate in the scalp. But I hate world hunger. And I don’t care about the Vatican. Like, if you were to make a list of everything in the world from things that I care about the most to things that I care about the least, the Vatican would certainly be in the bottom half of that list, and here are a few things that would be above it:

  • Honey-flavored candies
  • Ashlee Simpson
  • The well-being of people on the Atkins Diet
  • Ed Hardy Face Wash

I say we go for it. Let’s put this super-realistic and completely reasonable suggestion from a renowned Poverty Scientist into action!