It’s Official, Everyone Gets So Old

It can be difficult to remember in the flush and fury of youth that eventually you will be old. Old in body, yes, and face, with deteriorating health and a tiny breakfast plate (next to your actual breakfast plate) filled each morning anew with the various pills and remedies that you need to continue. But old in another way too. You will be old in such a way that generation gaps become generation chasms. You will be old in such a way that you’re rendered invisible to those younger than you, who are no longer vying for your coveted seat of authority and wisdom, for they feel that they already have taken it. You will be old in such a way that you’re left to mutter to yourself in a darkened corner, wondering how it can be like this that your ever-sharp mind still brimming full with wit and imagination and vibrant opinions can be trapped in this wreck of a human husk that no one wants to spend any time with for it reminds them of their own happily ignored mortality. It’s just a fact. This will happen. And one of the great tests of life is how each of us chooses to face this wearying decline. Do we treat every chapter of life as a gift, no matter how difficult the attending sacrifices and bodily/social changes are? Or do we simply fold into our ever shrinking shells and await the end?

Or do we take Scott Weiland’s route, and write songs for dentists’ office waiting rooms?

Out of the way, old man! There is life still worth living out here!