Monsters’ Ball: The Week’s Best Comments

Los Angeles is so different from New York. I’m surprised that no one has ever commented on that before. For example: in Los Angeles everyone drives cars, but in New York everyone takes the subway. AND OTHER DIFFERENCES. In any case, I am glad to be back with you guys where I belong, in the mud. Who knew that Oprah peeing for 10 minutes would create so much mud? It’s up to my knees in here! Yuck, Oprah! Anyway…

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This Week’s Highest Rated Comments


I like the YouTube comment:


Posted by: That One in response to That’s Your Boyfriend: Corey Feldman
Score = 48


Is this your subtle way of telling us you’re in Cali to write scripts for the “Sherri” sitcom, Gabe? “I’m old enough to be your patient, more experienced lover” has Delahaye written all over it.

Posted by: werttrew in response to That’s Your Sitcom: Sherri
Score = 49

[Ed. note: I wish! Then I probably would have gotten my “Vodka and Fudge” fleece for free instead of having to pay $49.]


Where we’re going, we won’t need roads because we’ll be flying in a time machine.

Posted by: what the what! in response to Best New Party Game 9
Score = 51


I see dead people and you’re one of them

Posted by: Ian in response to Best New Party Game 9
Score = 52


“Nothing on Earth could come between them. Except class restrictions. And icebergs. And accusations of blue diamond-theft. And freezing to death because there isn’t enough room on the big door. Actually it was a pretty troubled relationship, now that I think about it.”

Posted by: Weeam in response to Best New Party Game 9
Score = 75

[Ed. note: Well played, Weeam. Well played.]

This Week’s Lowest Rated Comment

So you guys know that Gabe isn’t actually funny, right? I mean, he is good at recycling the same 10 phrases and inside jokes a dozen times a day, but otherwise…not so good.

Posted by: Senor Bunch in response to Videogum: California Edition
Score = -38

[Ed. note: thanks for reading, Senor Bunch!]

This Week’s Editor’s Choice

The single best movie review ever. (Sorry, Robert Ebert.)

Posted by: Bubbles in response to The Videogum Movie Club: Whip It!

[Ed. note: boy oh boy, Gabe Liedman KILLED IT on his Whip It! review this week. He is such a talented writer and hilarious comedian. Just one of the best guys, and that deserves to be said often and loudly. I am sure that Robert Ebert, whoever that is, would agree.]