What Movie Should Disney Make After Opposite Day?

Oh, Hollywood. Is it the endlessly pleasant weather? Is that what seems to sap all of the ideas from your brains? You would think that with all of your legendary (and conversation-generating) traffic, that you would have some time to sit by yourselves and think things through a little more. In any case, Disney is making a movie called Opposite Day, and it is exactly what it sounds like. From the Hollywood Reporter (via FilmDrunk):

Disney will celebrate “Opposite Day.” The studio is developing a high-concept comedy with that title and has hired “Nancy Drew” scribe Tiffany Paulsen to write it. “Opposite,” based on an original idea by studio production president Oren Aviv, centers on a corporate hatchet man who wakes up one morning and finds he must follow the exact opposite of his normal routine.

High-concept, or THE HIGHEST-CONCEPT?! A corporate hatchet man has to follow the exact opposite of his normal routine? I think you know what that means…PANCAKES FOR DINNER! Hilarious.

So, Opposite Day is going forward. What, then, with the precedent set, should Disney focus its (clearly) abundant creative energies on after this?

Carpet Is Lava
Carpet Is Quicksand, Tile Is Lava
Carpet Is Sharks, Tile Is Quicksand, Wood Floor Is Lava
Carpet Is Lasers, Tile Is Sharks, Wood Floor Is Quicksand, Grass Is Lava

Whoops, I just accidentally created an INCREDIBLY SUCCESSFUL franchise. Low to high millions.