Rush Limbaugh Calls Winning A Nobel Peace Prize An Embarrassment?

It comes as no surprise that the right is trying to use Obama’s win of the Nobel Peace Prize this morning against him. Fair enough! I mean, I don’t really understand how that works, but I recognize and understand that many people do not like him, did not vote for him, and do not agree with his policies, and as such it must be difficult to see his winning the Nobel Peace Prize as anything other than further proof that the world has gone Upside-Downsies. “If they’re going to give him one, then they should give George W. Bush a Nobel Public Speaking Prize. He was the best. I wish he was my dad.” That was just a reductive and completely baseless journey into the mind of a caricature of a right wing voter. Sorry.

But seriously, Rush Limbaugh? An embarrassment?! I could understand claiming that Barack Obama doesn’t deserve a Nobel Peace Prize, but how on Earth do you call winning a Nobel Peace Prize an EMBARRASSMENT?! Looks like someone had an Oxycontin for breakfast.

Other things that Rush Limbaugh considers to be equally or LESS embarrassing than winning a Nobel Peace Prize:

  • Toilet Paper Stuck to the Bottom of Your Shoe!
  • Bad Breath!
  • Soup Stain on Your Necktie!
  • Wearing the Same Outfit as the Hostess When You Go to a Party!
  • Face Tattoos!
  • Public Revelations of One’s Addiction to Prescription Narcotics!
  • Winning Any Other Nobel Prize, Also Known As The Humiliation Awards, As Far As Rush Limbaugh Is Concerned!

Seriously, I know that someone has probably said this before, but that guy is a big, fat idiot.