Jim And Pam Got Married! And Thursday Night TV Open Thread!

So, Jim and Pam got married on last night’s very special The Office, and I have to say: aww! Up until the actual episode, I really had not cared. I did not visit the Jim and Pam wedding website, I openly mocked any excitement over the Entertainment Weekly cover featuring the “first photos” from the wedding, because of how it is not real, and these are two make-believe characters. But while that’s still true, I think it would have been hard to watch last night’s climactic wedding/secret wedding scene without smiling. Or at least smizeing. It was funny AND charming, which is what the Olympics call a Dream Team. The person I was watching with actually cried during this scene, and this is not a person who is prone to unprovoked emotional outbursts. They just did a really nice job with this, you have to admit. It’s like Cat Power always said, metal heart, you are not worth a thing!

The full Jim and Pam “Forever” wedding dance after the jump, and then we can talk about other shows in the comments, because this is Jim’s and Pam’s special day.

How pumped are Jill and Kevin right now? The ridiculous thing they did at their silly wedding is a cultural institution, or something. At the very least, this is way better than the Jill and Kevin divorce dance parody video.