Jon Gosselin Vs. Nancy Grace, Hopefully To The Death

“Actually, they’re CZ’s.”
–Jon Gosselin, 1977-2012

On the one hand, Nancy Grace has a point. It does seem ridiculous and contradictory for Jon Gosselin to suddenly claim that the show is hurting his children/family as soon as he has been fired from said show. Whether or not he is broke is none of my business (and none of my things that I care about), but he can relax with the whole Great Defender of Children’s Well Being routine. On the other hand, Nancy Grace’s face is made entirely out of Dollar Store makeup and paracasein, and her opinions hold all of the weight and gravity of a thing that holds no weight and gravity whatsoever. Because she’s an idiot. And she lives in a closet, scaring children.

So let’s just say they’re both wrong and bury them in the ground. (Via GoldenFiddle.)