Best New Party Game 9

It is time for me to head to the airport and get on an airplane and fly (that’s right, FLY!) back to sweet, sweet New York City. Goodbye California! I will miss your abundant produce and sunshine, and the piles of delicious, cheap tacos (yum!). I will NOT miss your bedazzled-skull-t-shirts-on-60-year-old-men and your constant traffic jams (seriously, with the traffic!). In any case, everything ends, and so has this visit to Los Angeles ended. But it is such a long flight back! What should we do in the meantime? I know: Best New Party Game 9, duh.

This is an easy one, developed as so many BNPGs have been lately, by Videogum Buddy @TimCarvell (follow him, why not?). So: #accuratetaglines. Like this one:

@TimCarvell: “In space, no one can hear you scream. Unless you’re in a spaceship with other people. Like the characters in this movie.” #accuratetaglines

You get it. My turn.

  • “There is something wrong with Esther that is hilarious.”
  • “Just when you thought it was safe to go in the water, there is a shark inside the water.”
  • “He died. But this movie is retarded.” (That one goes out to the CrankHeads.)

Have fun! I will be playing (and winning) this game FROM THE SKY.