Videogum’s Teen Korner: Larry David Guest Stars On Hannah Montana OMFGLOLRIP


We here at the Videogum Teen Korner know as well as anyone (including doctors) that teenagers go through a lot of physical and emotional changes. You see, what’s happening in your body right now (which is awesome, btDUBS, and you should be SUPES proud of it, Mountain Dew Code Black) is these things called hormones are driving stretch-Hummer-limos through your bloodstream (pedal to the metal, I call shotgun, dawgs, XBOX 360). So you’re probably feeling confused and excited and angry, all at the same time. You’re probably just like, “I want to Rage Against the Machine, but I also need to figure out which stuffed animals I’m going to take with me to college. If I even go to college, maybe I’ll just drop out and become a painter in Europe with my Eurorail Pass.”

Stay in school, you guys.

In your confusion, you might have watched a recent episode of Hannah Montana (you definitely watched a recent episode of Hannah Montana) and wondered “who is that old man that is on my TV? Is he a ghost? Is that my grandpa? What are you doing on TV Ghost Grandpa?” CHILLAX. That is Larry David, for some reason. Seriously, even your parents are thinking that maybe EVERYONE needs to have a time out, because huh? In any case, don’t worry, he’ll be gone soon. Pogs.

But you future (female) leaders of the free world and men who are comfortable being nurses have a point: what the BLOG is Larry David doing on Hannah Montana (after the jump)?

Whatevars, Larry David izzzzz DA BOMB. (Via BuzzFeed.)