It Is Only A Matter Of Time Before The Bluetooth Bear Is Used For Evil

It’s all fun and games until some Jigsaw uses the Bluetooth Bear to call his victims. Saw XIV: Oh Yes, There Will Be Bluetooth Bear. “This Bluetooth Bear was meant to receive calls, not make them.”

What a nightmare thing this thing is! “Do you want to call your daddy on the Bluetooth Bear?” No. “Do you want to cut out the Bluetooth Bear’s eyes with scissors and throw what is left of Bluetooth Bear into the fire.” Yes. “Do you then want to take the ashes of Bluetooth Bear deep into the woods and bury them in a deep hole, and cover that hole with a druid’s stone so that the evil that rests there can never be awakened?” Yes, mommy. Please! “OK, but you should know that a druid’s stone might not be powerful enough. We might never be able to contain the evil of Bluetooth Bear.” AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.