Good News! We Don’t Have To See 2012!

A five-minute clip from the upcoming disaster movie (double-entendre!) 2012 has been posted on-line, and it is hilarious. It is also as many minutes of 2012 as anyone really needs to see. We’re done here! It encapsulates everything. John Cusack and his ex-wife and children and his ex-wife’s new husband race a limo to the airport as the world literally collapses beneath them. Like, the car is always one car-length ahead of a giant and spreading chasm in the ground? Sure. I mean, if Jake Gyllenhaal can race some ice into a library and close the door and the ice is stuck outside so frustrated at having lost the race with Jake Gyllenhaal, then I suppose John Cusack can race a limo against the end of the world to the airport where he has rented a plane (it is important in the Apocalypse to have all your paperwork in order?) and race the end of the SKY. And NO SPOILERS, but they don’t all die for some reason? They should really all be dead. I suppose that would be the one reason to see the full movie. “Are they dead yet? Hmm, I wonder when it turns out that they all die.” Hopefully it’s in the sixth minute of this movie, because really no one should have to watch more than 5-6 minutes of this.