Sesame Street Does Mad Men (4 Tha Kids!)

Yes, Internet, this is cute. Yes, Internet, we all love Mad Men. And yes, Internet, we are all at least somewhat nostalgic for our childhoods (Teddy told me that in Greek nostalgia literally means “pain from an old wound”) to the point where combining something that we like now with something that we like then gets an instant Express Pass to our hearts. It’s a deal! We’ll have Ben Kosgrome draw up a contract.

But did this video make anyone else wonder what must have slipped by their young face when they actually watched Sesame Street? Clearly there must have been some FUCKED UP parodies (4 tha kids) when I actually watched this show as a target audience member*. Sesame Street presents Last Tango in Sesame Street or whatever. And not to be Professor Children’s Television, but shouldn’t they have been Glad Men at the end of this sketch? Or is it some kind of modern parenting trick? “When you’re raising your children, it’s all about the words you don’t say.”

Just kidding, of course, Internet! Everything about this is absolutely perfect. No one would ever dare criticize.

*Watched, of course, is a euphemism. I listened to this show. As a radio play. Huddled in the basement as our heroic war planes took off for Germany. The first time.