Fantastic Mr. Fox Continues To Look (Wait For It) Fantastic

New Fantastic Mr. Fox trailer, you guys:

This movie just looks endlessly cute, charming, and endearing. I stand helpless before it. Or at least before its trailers. “But, Gabe, don’t you think that it’s just self-indulgent twee pop that blatantly disregards it’s own supposed audience of children who want flash and toilet jokes in order to appeal to an audience of over-educated, navel-gazing, 20-something Belle and Sebastian fans?” No, I don’t. I think that it looks great. And it’s 2009, people don’t talk about Belle and Sebastian anymore. Pick a better example, like Fleet Foxes.

UPDATE: I have just been informed that Wes Anderson signed the “Free Roman Polanski” Petition, so never mind. I take it all back. Put this movie in jail along with him and Roman Polanski and apparently everyone. Are you fucking kidding me with that fucking “We Support Rape-Rape” Petition?