That’s Your Girlfriend: Tengobaila

At least you don’t have to go with her to the studio every night anymore. There was a time earlier in the relationship when there was an expectation on her part and a feeling of obligation and romantic duty on your part to be supportive through your constant presence. She explained that she was really only dancing for you, and you were trying to prove that you were a good lover. Also you guys call each other lovers. Constantly. The video camera was a stroke of genius, though. When you gave it to her for your 10th anniversary, she knew just what to do with it. You still have to sit with her every night on the couch and watch the videos together before heading upstairs to make love, but it’s given you time to pursue some of your other interests, like dialysis, and getting enough fiber in your diet.

Here are some of your other favorite videos:

I know that she says she won’t get married again, not after what happened with Robert, but you should keep asking. She might change her mind! Then she will be your wife! (Via Urlesque.)