Duh Aficionado Magazine: Kristin Cavallari Is Not Larry David

The MTV show The Hills is fake. Everyone knows that. But up until recently, it was mostly a poorly kept secret. For the sake of the show’s razor-thin watchability, the pretense of reality was maintained. But with the new season premiere tonight, apparently a new tactic is being taken: bold but delusional honesty. Here is the show’s new star, Kristin Cavallari, talking about how the sausage is made (via WarmingGlow):

The [“Hills”] producers write to [Cavallari] with the storylines they have in mind. She shows up to the pre-selected locations for the episodes, which are shot Wednesday through Friday each week. And then she improvises, often going for the jugular on hot-button issues she knows will stir up controversy.

“They tell us what to talk about,” she said, shrugging. “Listen, I have fun with it. They film ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ the same way.”

–Larry David’s Tombstone

Yikes. Although, she has a point, they’re basically exactly the same show. Remember that one episode of The Hills when Brody Jenner asked Richard Lewis to trade sandwiches with him when he didn’t like the sandwich that was named after him at the Jewish deli? Classic The Hills. And then there is this famous episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, which, although it does not feature Kristin Cavallari, is based on Kristin Cavallari:

The size of Kristin Cavallari’s vagina is inversely related to the size of her conception of her own talent. (Math is hard, but math is true.)