The Videogum “Tracy Morgan Promise”: I Am The New Black

It has been awhile since we’ve checked in with Tracy Morgan. Well, actually, it hasn’t been that long. He made appearances at both the MTV Video Music Awards, and the Emmys. And he’s currently preparing to host the VH1 Hip Hop Honors awards again this weekend. But despite all of the Hot Awards Action, he has also had time to write a book! (With just one ghostwriter, it looks like!) It’s called I Am The New Black, and it will be published by Random House later this month. You can read an excerpt here, although in typical cheapskate old dinosaur media fashion, the excerpt is just taken from the introduction. Even people who buy the book don’t want to read the introduction, much less people who may be on the fence. Oh well. But there’s also a YouTube video trailer for the book (a trailer for a book! Why, I never!), which I have posted after the jump.

Surprisingly serious! Tracy Morgan has lived a kind of crazy life, though. And hopefully this book is funny? Who knows. I did like the part where he talked about how comedy is often seen as lesser than drama, but that in reality comedy is an honor because it’s nice to see people smiling and laughing rather than spitting in each other’s faces. It reminded me of when I first saw The Queen. I spit in so many people’s faces, it was ridiculous. (Thanks for the tip, Jono.)

Bonus VGTMP: Nancy Grace interviews Scoopy Giles, and a music video for “Dumplin’ Butt” (via NahRight).