Someone Should Throw A Revolutionary Trash Can Through Jay Leno’s Plexiglass Face

In other miserable late night television news, Jay Leno is the worst. We know that. And his new nightly 10PM talk show is awful. Yes. If you want to break that as a news story, you will have to fire up the old time machine and go back in time (and KILL HITLER, but then) to before everyone already knew that duh. But what may be news is that Jay Leno is using his show as an hour-long paid infomercial? Now, inserting product placement into late night talk shows is not new. It’s a method the networks enjoy to keep the cost of production down, and the late night format is particularly easy to semi-unobtrusively infect with this stealth marketing. Not to mention the fact that a show built on timely pop cultural references is probably going to drop a couple of names they’re not even getting paid to drop because we live in a capitalist society dominated by brand names. But this compilation video that some AdBuster made of all the products mentioned in a single episode of The Jay Leno Show is pretty astonishing. He basically mentions a bagillion products.

How are the kids not rioting in the streets? With their revolutionary face-kerchiefs and their borrowed college ideals? Light the world on fire! People are dying! Seriously though, I know that we all have to put antique cars on our families, but this is ridiculous. (Via EdRants.)