Yes, Monsters, The Footage Of Conan O’Brien Falling And Hitting His Head

As you may have read, during the taping of last Friday’s episode of the Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien, during a sketch in which Conan raced Teri Hatcher into the studio, Conan slipped and hit his head. He was later taken to the hospital and it was revealed that he had a concussion. Yikes! A rerun was aired instead of the episode, for obvious reasons. Jeez Oh Pete, well that is awful. Stupid Teri Hatcher. NBRTH, you guys, Never Be Racing Teri Hatcher. Anyway, Conan was released from the ICU (I am assuming he was in the ICU, using my years of medical training and in-field experience as a basis for my assumptions) and returned to the air last night. However, after the jump is the unaired clip of his horrifying slip and fall. Is that what you want, monsters? Is that what your eyes hunger for?

Yup. He slipped and fell and hit his head, and it looked very painful and dangerous and it is a good thing that his injuries were not more severe. You know, you’re like the creature in Little Shop of Horrors, that is what you are like (you = world). FEED HORRIFYING FOOTAGE OF TERRIBLE THINGS INTO MY FACE HOLES, SEYMOUR (classic quote from the movie, basically). I have to keep doing this just so you won’t eat me. At least not until the very end. Whoops, SPOILER ALERT.