Roman Polanski Open Kitten Thread

As you probably know, over the weekend, Roman Polanski was arrested in Switzerland on a decades old warrant for charges stemming from his 1977 sexual assault case. Did you see that documentary about him last year? It was really intense and confusing. I mean, what isn’t confusing is that he gave a 13-year-old drugs and then he sodomized her. Very not confusing, that part. And what’s also not confusing is that he spent almost no time in jail, and has continued to have an incredibly successful filmmaking career from Europe, where rich people still have access to mansions and champagne. But there were definitely some pretty weird extenuating circumstances (fame-obsessed mother, fame-obsessed judge) that muddle the issue. And it remains muddled! This morning on The View, Whoopi Goldberg apparently made reference to rape-rape? Like, as in one must qualify between Regular Rape, Classic Rape, and Rape-Rape, or something? Yikes, Whoopi Goldberg.

Anyway, the whole thing is such an extended nightmare that may or may not be on the verge of achieving closure. So, you can use the comments thread on this post to write your thoughts and feelings about a controversial and horrifying reminder of how the world is a confusing and scary and dangerous and mean place. OR, you can use the comments thread on this post to post pictures of cute kittens. The choice, although it may seem obvious, IS YOURS!