Monsters’ Ball: The Week’s Best Comments

Oh my goodness. Can you believe that it has already been a week (basically) since the 2009 Emmy Awards. CHERISHED MEMORIES! Although, remember when John Cryer won for best supporting actor in a comedy, or whatever? I felt a little bit like a Romanian Vlogger when that happened, if you know what I mean. Ssssssnake! And it’s been TWO weeks since the MTV Video Music Awards, so someone should tell these old grandpas to cool it with the Kanye jokes. But it’s been an OK week. Some new shows premiered. Rich made a new supercut. Terrence Howard provided us all with a few helpful reminders. And we launched a VERY IMPORTANT new feature. (Oh, and welcome back, Matthew Lillard.)

But now it is Friday. So now it is time for your comments. The five best. The single worst. And the Editor’s Choice. All after the jump.

This Week’s Highest Rated Comments


I actually can’t think of anything snarky to say because I think this chick is pretty cool

Posted by: tibmalian in response to A Girl In Romania Hates Kirk Cameron Enough For All Of Us
Score = 40


it’d be fun to hire the horse to sneak into a friend’s room while that friend is sleeping. then, hire him again to visit that same friend at the asylum.

Posted by: whoa! in response to We Should All Be So Lucky As To Find Something In This World That Makes Us Happy, Part Three
Score = 42


Hold up Gabe, I’m happy for you, and I’mma let you finish, b…


Posted by: Inglorius BasTURD in response to An Open Letter To Celebrities Who Will Not Stop Doing Kanye Jokes
Score = 42



Posted by: eric in response to Kids Narrate Video Games Into Their Own Insane Storylines The Darndest Things
Score = 62


Posted by: monstah in response to Drake Makes Sure To Get His New Music Video Just Right
Score = 63

[Ed. note: no offense to any of the “winners” on this “important” occasion, but this is probably the most lackluster collection of Top Comments we’ve ever had. That’s OK, though. We can’t all be the week of July 31, 2009. Besides, you guys picked them. Maybe I just can’t see your comment forest for the inexplicably highest rated trees.]

This Week’s Lowest Rated Comment


Posted by: The LOLSTER in response to Hey, What’s Up With Topher Grace?
Score = -23

[Ed. note: duh, of course it’s you. You have had your week, goblin. If you pull this stunt again on Monday, you will be BANISHED.]

This Week’s Editor’s Choice

I tried to separate the two voices in his head:

Hello, and welcome, the me- welcome to Sonic and Tails’ adventure… trailer! Sonic and Knuckles had met ever since they were in high school. Knuckles was a bully but sonic used the seven chaos emeralds and knocked him out and knuckles got suspended instead of Sonic, for some reason. So, ever since then, Knuckles has swore revenge and now he will do anything to make him a misery. This is the Adventures of Sonic and Tails!


We already said that! They were out on a morning flight, like they always do. Then Sonic always do, gone Super Sonic but, ever since then, he ever saw, Knuckles had came in and knocked him out and stole the Chaos Emeralds. But there’s one thing he didn’t thought of: maybe they weren’t the Chaos Emeralds. Maybe they were something else! Probably. Maybe they weren’t the Chaos Emeralds after all!

(sorry I had to delay a little bit)

They… they WEREN’T the Chaos Emeralds! But what could he stole? What were those emeralds? Who knows? But this is the Adventure of Sonic and Tails.

I want the extra life so bad.

So, what do YOU think? I guess you have to wait until it comes out.

So, yeah. This, the music was “It’s My Life” from Bon Jovi, my favorite song, we will keep doing this adventure.

Sonic is keep looking for the Chaos, the, the, the whatever it was.

I’m not saying until it’s time!

But, but the Adventures of Sonic and Tails will never end, probably. They will have to find whatever they were, ever, until the very end of TIME! Huh. I just gave you a big, a b- a sneak peek at what it is- they are.

Oh! I just you a BIGGER idea, so yeah!

The Adventures of Sonic and Tails will go on probably forever, of the best friends- of the bestest of best friends will stick together forever. And even sleep together!

(LOL please subscribe) I’m not talking about what YOU thinking of! Hahahhaha they aren’t gay.

WHY would you think Sonic and Tails would be gay?


That’s it! You’re fired, sponsor! I knew that was coming.

(and now the sponcer is now drunk and a filthey hobo and living in a card board box)

So, yeah, that’s what it is.


(gasp) That is it, you’re fired! And I’m gonna sue you! So, yeah. You’re sued! Uh oh, sto-

Posted by: The New Sound in response to Kids Narrate Video Games Into Their Own Insane Storylines The Darndest Things

[Ed. note: obviously, I enjoy this comment mostly because of how much i enjoyed the video. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate the work put into this, or the contribution it makes to the world. Bartender, a round of high fives for all of my friends here.]