This Man’s Hair Looks Like A Hat

I’m not going to lie to you. The video after the jump features a man whose hair is styled to look like a hat. At first you’re like, “there is something about that man’s hat.” And then you are like “also, why does he never take his hat off, not even in the bathhouse? Silly!” But then slowly you come to realize that he doesn’t take his hat off, not even in the bathhouse, because it’s not a hat! It is just his hair in the STYLE of a hat. That’s what’s happening here. I just would hate for you to follow the jump and watch the video and think that I had been dishonest with you. But I think that after you watch this video you will find that I was nothing if not completely honest and straight-forward. “Yes,” you will say, “he was right, that was a video about a man whose hair was shaped to look like a hat. Just like he said.”

If this guy and I were friends, we would go to the bar together and I’d tell everyone “the guy with the hair shaped like a hat is a friend of mine.” Then they would know of our friendship! (Via BoingBoing.)