Cougar Hotel

Excuse me, WHO GAVE THE COUGARS THEIR OWN CONVENTION? Didn’t you read the sign? It says PLEASE DO NOT FEED THE COUGARS*. (NSFW, headphones UP!)

Uh….is this real life?

It must be weird for you seeing all your boyfriends AND girlfriends in the same place. You used to pound and/or get pounded by all of these people. (Yuck. Sorry.) Back braces and arthritis medication bottles all over the floor. “Let’s get in the hot tub!” “You know that I can’t get in the hot tub with my heart. Let’s just describe the hot tub to each other.” Treating niggas right (that guy is still and will always be your boyfriend who you love and want to marry probably you love him so much). (Via BuzzFeed.)

*Let us hope this is the laziest and lamest joke of the day.