A Girl In Romania Hates Kirk Cameron Enough For All Of Us

Whoa. Look out Kirk Cameron! This girl from Romania hates you!

Haha. It’s true, Kirk Cameron is a total ssssssnake!

I’m glad that no one told her that Kirk Cameron is basically a sub-Stephen Baldwin joke at this point. If she knew that no one actually took him seriously, she wouldn’t have been able to deliver this so powerfully. It’s her belief that what Kirk Cameron says matters that makes the whole thing work. Wait until she sees Fireproof. Her scream will shatter the Internet. She’ll trade a pair of bluejeans for a rocket launcher on the Romanian black market and she will shoot a grenade into Kirk Cameron’s lying mouth. (Huh?) ON A VERY SPECIAL EPISODE OF THIS ROMANIAN GIRL’S VLOG.

P.S. it’s nice to see that in Romania people still record their vlogs on educational filmstrip stock.