Cops Take A Quick Break From Raiding Drug Dealer’s House To Play Wii Bowling. What?

Check these fun guys out. To serve (digital bowling balls) and protect (their high scores). From the AP:

Minutes after storming into the Florida home of a convicted drug dealer, some Polk county undercover drug investigators were caught on tape playing a Wii video bowling game for over an hour.

What? What are they supposed to do? NOT play Wii Bowling for over an hour? Be realistic.

Video evidence after the jump.

Yup, there they are. It turns out that the bullet proof vests help smooth out their swings for more accurate gameplay. Probably. In any case, we should probably cut these guys some slack. The only reason they played so long was because first they each had to customize a Mii.

“We’re gonna need a bigger medal for heroism in the line of duty.”
–Putnam County District Attorney Brian Farnsworth