You Guys, We Should Buy More Lottery Tickets!

The state-sponsored lottery system is basically a nightmare. It’s subsidized gambling that preys on the socio-economically disadvantaged (who often don’t even have the proper money-management skills to deal with the fortune if they do win, and there are countless stories of lives ruined and families torn apart by the fantasy windfalls), and fuels the destructive impulses of gambling addicts. The revenue that it “gives back to the community” for things like education is often a meager fraction of the money being made, and much of it is often diverted to other state needs, while still leaving people with the false impression that schools are adequately funded by the multi-million dollar lotteries. Not to mention the morally bankrupt idea of paying for education with the exploitation of vice and greed in the first place. And not to mention the morally questionable message of the lottery: that winning millions of dollars without any effort, talent, or investment is a worthwhile and highly desirable goal.

But the lottery is also, apparently, CRAZY ADORABLE!

AWWWW! I think my children will understand when I cannot afford to send them to college that THOSE PIGS SLEEPING ON THE BEDS ARE IRRESISTIBLY CUTE! (Thanks for the tip, Darci.)