The TWSS Archives: Dusty Rhodes Meat Commercial (?) Moment

Date: Unknown
Time: Unknown
Location: Unknown
Description: Completely bizarre and indeterminate video clip of former professional wrestler Dusty Rhodes providing a shirtless tour of a meat market’s walk-in cooler ends with TWSS (Filed Jointly Under: TWHS, Nullus, No Homo). Classic instance of premeditated TWSS, the utterance of such may have been the entire purpose of video (since video makes no apparent sense anyway). Cases of premeditated TWSS are almost categorically unsatisfying to anyone other than user of TWSS, who is generally confused about how clever, naughty, and/or funny TWSS makes them seem. Forced use of TWSS actually goes against inherent point and pleasure of TWSS in the first place, and as such must be considered a failed TWSS. (File Under: FAIL.)