Monsters’ Ball: The Week’s Best Comments

Fall has sprung! I’m happy for you fall, and I’mma let you finish, but summer is one of the best seasons of all time. Get it? Kanye West, everybody. Let’s hope Danny Bonaduce interrupts Marg Helgenberger’s speech for Best Actress Lifetime Achievement Award at this Sunday’s Emmys and we can finally put this behind us. In any case, fall has its perks as well. All our pals are back! And perhaps the summer of death will finally end?! It’s also the season when True Blood crawls back into its grave for another year, allowing us to recharge our batshit batteries. Not that there aren’t plenty of new nightmares to contend with. Anyhow, fall. Put on a sweatshirt or something. (Oh, P.S., if you missed this, don’t miss this.)

After the jump, the five highest-rated comments, as selected by you, the lowest rated comment, as de-selected by you, and the Editor’s Choice.

This Week’s Highest Rated Comments


I’m guessing Kayne ate the marshmallow.

Posted by: you got me so confused in response to Kids Participate In Meaningful Psychological Studies The Darndest Things
Score = 49


I am a sick person.

Posted by: Emmylou in response to Where The Wild Things Should Be
Score = 52


I can’t resist a photoshop challenge, even though (a) I am terrible at Photoshop, (b) this particular one I did is especially terrible, and (c) the Kanye thing is already old.

Well, you know what? America was built on the right to lazily and badly Photoshop characters from beloved children’s books into uninteresting, played-out pop culture scenes! Check your Constitution! I am an American who fears no downvotes, and I came up with this!!

Posted by: kiss the pan in response to Where The Wild Things Should Be
Score = 52


Jay Leno tells jokes and talks to celebrities.

Posted by: RobinRubbermaid in response to Can We Think Of A More Boring Show Than This Show?
Score = 64


as a kid, i once ate a stale marshmallow found under my neighbour’s bed that had been coloured on with a marker.

in related news, i’m unemployed.

Posted by: kathleen11 in response to Kids Participate In Meaningful Psychological Studies The Darndest Things
Score = 100

[Ed. note: awww! Haha. That is a nice comment to win the week. Charming, clever, pertinent, and personal on a post about God’s most precious gift (children psychological studies marshmallows). Also, 100 upvotes is a nice, even number of upvotes! It just makes mathematical sense. I hope that you get a new job soon, Kathleen.]

This Week’s Lowest Rated Comment

i thought cajun meant black?

Posted by: WoW Rules 69 in response to Kids Eat Their Pets The Darndest Things
Score = -20

[Ed. note: Ugh, Da Cake Eatur. Ugh. It’s not even the boring, unfunny racism of this stupid comment that is the worst. It is your flagrant abuse of the Videogum Commenter Community’s trust! You know the rules! You have now commented under the names Da Cake Eatur, Old Dude, Mayor Bee, WoW Rules 69, and now you are wha wha WHAT?!?! Cut it out, you creep. Pick a name and stick with it or you are through. THROUGH!]

This Week’s Editor’s Choice

“I’ll fuck you till you love me maggot” Juggaloninja 117’s tombstone

Posted by: hlebtastic in response to Why Can’t Juggalos And Maggots Just Be Friends?

[Ed. note: While I highly enjoy the use of inside jokes in the comments, I’m rarely surprised or particularly impressed. And I don’t need to be. That’s not the point of inside jokes. But this is next-level inside jokes is what this is. Well played, sir. Or ma’am. I don’t know!]