Why Can’t Juggalos And Maggots Just Be Friends?

Oh my gosh, I did not realize there was such a rift in the horrorcore community! If I understand this right, fans of Slipknot (maggots) hate fans of ICP (juggalos) because ICP are a couple of faggots in makeup, while fans of ICP (juggalos) hate fans of Slipknot (maggots) because Slipknot are a couple of faggots in masks? And now people are throwing eggs from moving cars? And hate clown love signs? “It just don’t make sense anymore,” indeed. If everyone is agreed that the important thing is fuck the mainstream and fuck them richie bitches/hoes, it doesn’t make sense that these two groups can’t join together and create a unified Army of Awful. Because as someone on the outside of this Shakespearean feud it’s just like, stop! Stop! You’re all terrible!

In any case, “most of the kids I hang out with are Juggalos” is the new “I’ve got a black friend” defense. Obviously. Not that these guys would have anything to do with black people. But you get it. (Thanks for the tip, Adam.)