LL Cool J Is Spitting Truth Like Hot Fire About His New TV Show

This fall, CBS is launching NCIS: Los Angeles, a spin-off series from NCIS, whatever that is. It’s basically the golden rule of television: anything that can be done well, can also be done in another city on Tuesday nights at 9/8 Central. Anyway, the show stars Chris O’Donnell (naturally. When you look at him you just think “COP!”. Also, I am just assuming that NCIS is about cops? I have no idea what NCIS is) and also LL Cool J. Obviously, LL Cool J brings something special to the table, which is his unique experience as both a hip hop artist, and someone who stopped being taken seriously as a hip hop artist years ago. That’s how he is able to make a music video for his new song, “No Crew Is Superior” (Get it? You get it) with a straight face (the straightest face in the game!).

Ha ha. Oh, LL Cool J. You are like a grandpa! Everything that you do is cute and charming, no matter how silly or outdated it may seem. “When they cast me on NCIS: Los Angeles, I just had to get into the studio and do what I do. Y’HEARD.” Write what you know, I guess. And what LL Cool J knows is that he is going to be on NCIS: Los Angeles, premiering on CBS, September 22.