Let’s Just Pretend This Never Happened

The only thing worse than this song is the lip-synching. Yikes. The video director was like “do you want to try taking that one more time,” but the dude was like “no, I’m sure I nailed it.” But the thing that really strikes me in this video is the little brother’s character. No one has ever been like that in the history of the world. He’s like the toughest Oompa Loompa, and I don’t mean because he’s short, I mean that because he has orange skin and silver hair and he prances around in a mythical wonderland making monster faces. He is make believe. “This song is for anyone who has ever had to rescue a loved one from being a weird side character in a failed Sci-Fi pilot about space greasers.” Huh?

Great child Prince impersonator near the end, though. One of the best child Prince impersonators I have ever seen. (Thanks for the tip, Chris.)