Beloved Giraffe Dies For Kevin James’s Art

Of course, millions of animals die every year, and we rarely hear their stories. It’s only the famous (read: white) animals that get talked about. Nevertheless, light another candle in the wind for hakuna matata, or whatever. From the AP:

A giraffe that starred in a series of TV commercials for Toys R Us and appeared in Jim Carrey’s movie “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective” has died at a Boston zoo.

American Humane, an animal welfare group that oversees animal treatment on movie sets, said Tweet the giraffe died Friday at the Franklin Park Zoo where producers are filming the Kevin James movie “The Zookeeper.”

As you put on your black armbands this morning, and hug your children a little tighter, I think we can all take solace in the fact that Tweet died doing what he or she (I’m not sure) loved: starring in AMAZING films. When asked to comment, Kevin James had this to say:

–Kevin James

Goodbye, Tweet. You will be missed. You’re in heaven now, being unharmed in the filming of the angels.