Can Tim Heidecker Be In And/Or Direct All The Music Videos Now, Please?

This is a music video for “You Have My Eyes Now” by Clues, an indie-rock band from Montreal that features members of the Unicorns and Arcade Fire. The Unicorns! Arcade Fire! Your favorite! Maybe you already knew about Clues, but I didn’t. They don’t print fun facts about obscure Montreal supergroups on the insides of Werther’s Originals wrappers. In any case, now we can all go out and impress our kickball league team captains!

But also, can Tim Heidecker be in and/or direct all the music videos now, please? Him or Eric Wareheim, really, but they are great at being in and directing music videos. Seriously. And once we have that squared away, we can get back to work figuring out who watches music videos anymore.