The Jay Leno Show Drinking Game

Well, here we are. We stand at the precipice of an enormous crossroads. After months of speculation about how Jay Leno would forever change the face of late night television (or of prime time television? I’m not a Television Scheduling Scientist), all will be answered tonight. For the most part I think we know what to expect, though, right? It’s going to be tepid, toothless humor aimed at Brawndo sipping Buy-N-Large customers. But with more race cars.

I would like to say that I am curious, but I am not curious, because Jay Leno has built his career on a lack of curiosity. There is no ambition* or innovation in Jay Leno’s work. What we have always seen is what we have always gotten. There is no suggestion that this will be any different. Tonight will not be New Leno, it will be Classic Leno, and Classic Leno is awful. “No desk” is not innovation just as “talking to Jerry Seinfeld about expensive cars we own” is not funny.

Nevertheless, I will be watching. And we should take what little enjoyment we can find in this world where we can. So might as well have fun with it, right? After the jump, the rules for the Jay Leno Show Drinking Game.

Drink if:

  • you are watching The Jay Leno Show

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*That is not to say that Jay is not personally ambitious. No one takes over the Tonight Show and fills an airplane hangar with an offensive number of rare automobiles without having a serious work ethic and a tremendous amount of drive. I’m talking more about creative/artistic ambition here, which Jay Leno seems perfectly content to go without.