That’s Your Boyfriend: All Your Boyfriends

You have had a lot of lovers in your life (yuck, you should stop calling them “lovers,” do you realize that everyone hates how you always call them “lovers”?). What most of your friends would say to someone who does not know you is, “Denise doesn’t really have a type, she’s just a people person.” Btw, your name is Denise, and you are a people person. Your philosophy is that everyone is a complex human being with multiple sides to their personality, and it would be unfair to dismiss them before you had a chance to really get to know them (sexually). And you certainly can’t reduce who they are to a single-sentence description, although if you COULD, “I’m a 25-year subscriber to Playboy and New Yorker magazines” would be a pretty good start. (Thanks for the tip, Mark.)