America Needs To Stop With This Carrot Top Bashing

You know what? Sometimes life doesn’t turn out the way you thought it would. Sometimes a successful stand up comedy career built on steamer trunks full of goofy homemade props and a full head of scarlet hair makes you a household name, only to have the floor drop out from under you. Suddenly, the same things that originally made you famous is what people now use to mock you. And you are alone in this world once more. Maybe you take up body-building to focus your mind and improve your self-image. Maybe you refuse to cut off your trademark hair, fearful that it’s the only thing allowing you to find the pitiful work you are now offered as a symbol of your own failure.


Carrot Top entertained the world, and this is how we repay him? His job now, consistently, is to be a spokesperson for what a sad joke he is. Not cool, you guys. It is time for America to let Carrot Top get on with his life. Shame on you, Burger King. This ad doesn’t even make sense, because Carrot Top was already a very successful spokesperson for 1-800-CALL-ATT, and AMERICA LOVED HIM FOR IT. MORE OR LESS. Shame on The Hangover closing credits for featuring a snapshot of Carrot Top as an indication of what a retarded night everyone was having, but not even giving Carrot Top a single line in the movie.

Most of all, shame on us. Shame on us for what we have done. HE IS A HUMAN BEING! MORE OR LESS! (Via AdFreak.)