Even The Takers Trailer Seems Photoshopped

Takers trailer, you guys:

Between yesterday’s poster (There’s Something Wrong With Takers) and this, it seems pretty clear that Hollywood’s cut and paste button (it’s a button now) is completely broken. Caved in. “Doctor, we cutted and pasted ourselves to death.” I mean, besides the fact that this is obviously just an hour and a half of cobbled together heist movie cliches (“think Black Ocean’s 11 meets Black Italian Job“), this trailer is a mess. I love in the first five seconds when you just hear audio of Idris Elba saying “money” clearly clipped from the middle of an actual sentence and just dropped in for no reason. Meanwhile, T.I. clearly graduated from the acting school where your most important technique is really memorizing all of the words you have to say. Unlike Chris Brown, whose talent all natural. When it comes to hitting someone inside of a car, you just turn on the camera and watch him run it. Shawty got me on and ZINGIN’.