We Should All Become Champions Of Something

It is easy to poke fun at the 2nd and 3rd place competitors in the 2009 Pokemon Championships (whatever that is), because they’ve dedicated their lives to something that seems pointless and silly and nerdy and come up short, but you can’t poke fun at this guy. Seriously. He is the World Champion of something. Are you the World Champion of Something? No, you are not. (You’re probably not even the 2nd or 3rd place competitors, so actually let’s ease up on the poking fun until we start placing.) We all need to work a little harder, you guys. Someone has to be the champion of everything, why not us?! Let’s paint, exercise, and be the best in the world at something, even if it might seem pointless or silly or nerdy to other people. Let’s all find our Niagara Falls, and then be better than everyone else at Niagara Falls. You know? Lock it in. Let’s go. (Thanks for the tip, Larkin.)